Exides was founded in 2005 with a strong industrial culture due to the existing difficulties in finding, in the Region of Murcia, agile and dynamic companies with extensive experience in the industrial sector.

Meeting this need meant setting up a company project with a deep knowledge of the market in which it should operate, totally focused on the customer and with a commitment to permanent innovation in our technologies so that we could create, for our customers, high quality solutions within a reasonable timeframe and at a reasonable cost.

Since then, professionals with extensive experience in the different sectors in which we operate have been part of this project called EXIDES.

Exides' main activity is the development, installation, commissioning and maintenance of software developed for clients.

One of our objectives at Exides is "To satisfy our customers with our products and services, meeting their needs and expectations and thus making their day-to-day work easier and better".

Contamos con un sistema integrado de calidad, estando certificados en la norma ISO 9001:2015 y siguiendo los procedimientos de la normativa ISO 27001 para la seguridad de la información.

Exides is committed to:

  • To meet the needs of customers, often trying to exceed their expectations.
  • Technical and functional consultancy.
  • Committed staff.
  • Development of the work in compliance with certified quality standards.

For more information, please review our Safety and Quality

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