ISO 9001

EXIDES is an ISO:9001 Certified Company, we are firmly committed to quality, our quality consultants work closely with the IT department so that the final product is not just a set of instructions and work procedures with which to obtain the prized certification, but will be a Functional Description of your production process that can be used for further IT development.

ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is the goal of any company that has implemented, or is considering, an Environmental Management System. Basic elements of an Environmental Management System:


PECAL 2105 is a Ministry of Defence publication (unclassified) for which the agreement of the nations concerned to use this publication is recorded in STANAG 4107.
It contains the NATO requirements for the deliverable quality plans to be used in contracts. The supplier's deliverable quality plan must be evaluated against these requirements and must specify how all quality requirements relating to the contract will be satisfied.
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