Stage 1. Identification and analysis of the company's processes.

Stage 2. Development of the continuous improvement process.

Stage 3. Development of the continuous improvement process.

Stage 4. Progress Monitoring.

Stage 5. Implementation of procedures.

Stage 6. Management System Audit.

Stage 7. Training in the use of the Management System.

Stage 8. System maintenance.

Stage 1.

Comprehensive assessment of existing processes to understand their structure and areas for improvement.

Stage 2.
  • Process specific audit forms.
  • Process performance metrics.
  • Specific customer satisfaction forms for each process or area.
Stage 3.
  • Conducting audits.
  • Performance measurement.
  • Measuring customer satisfaction.
  • Implementation of improvements.
Stage 4.
  • Analysis of results.
  • Definition and planning of improvement actions.
  • Implementation of actions.
  • Monitoring the status of actions and the performance of processes.
Stage 5.

Implementation of standard operating procedures to ensure consistent and efficient execution of tasks.

Stage 6.

Systematic evaluation to ensure the effectiveness and conformity of the Management System with established standards.

Stage 7.

Staff training to ensure a thorough and efficient understanding of the new Management System.

Stage 8.

Continuous monitoring and adjustments to adapt to internal or external changes and to ensure the validity of the Management System.

Stage 1. Analysis of the company's processes.

Stage 2. Process design.

Stage 3. Monitoring and adjustments in the implementation of the process.
Stage 1.

Existing processes are thoroughly evaluated to understand how they work prior to any intervention or improvement.

Stage 2.
  • Identification of the interrelationships of the process.
  • Graphic description of the process.
  • Definition of "how" the process takes place.
  • Determination of process performance measures (metrics).
Stage 3.

Active monitoring of newly implemented processes to identify deviations and make adjustments, ensuring continuous optimisation.

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